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The Nordic Way

Cold and icy Helsinki is calling bloggers from all over the world to the Finnish capital in January. And we at Finnair are happy to fly them to the top of the world.

We’ve been flying travel bloggers from Asia to HEL since the first NBE in 2014. For us it is a wonderful opportunity to meet bloggers, get content and discuss potential future co-operation possibilities.

NBE is also a chance for the participants to experience the Nordic way of living, when they stay in Helsinki or take part in the tours that take them around the country to meet with locals from south to north.

Finnair - The Nordic way

The Nordic way is also at the heart of how Finnair operates as an airline.

Being Nordic we understand your need of personal space. To us hospitality is about being genuine and giving each other room to be ourselves. This guides our customer service.

Precision is also a very Nordic thing. Almost just isn’t good enough for us. We tend to keep what we say and Finnair has been recognized several times as of the most punctual airlines in the world, even though we operate in the Nordic winter conditions.

For us, snow is not an issue – quite the contrary, snow is child’s play. We have grown up skiing, skating and building snow castles, and this is how we learn to tackle the harsh conditions. When airports close elsewhere due to snow, Helsinki Airport keeps operational.

This year Finland celebrates its 100th year of its independence, and Lonely Planet and National Geographic Travel have chosen Finland to be one of the places you cannot miss in 2017. We agree with them!

Finnair enables customers who fly between Europe, Asia and America, the chance to do a stopover in Finland – a stay from 5 hours up to 5 days in Finland in between your connecting flights. Programmes can be bought through finnair.com.

We at Finnair believe that every journey with us should have a little Nordic magic in it.

Manti Väätäinen-Pereira

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