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Helsinki Airport (HEL) – the leading Nordic airport in transfer connections around the world

Recognized as one of the most important hubs in Europe, Helsinki Airport prepares for 20 million annual passengers by 2020. Currently, the airport is going through a large-scale expansion that aims to improve the airport’s facilities even better, as well as strengthen the competitive position among the big European airports.

In Europe, Helsinki Airport has the most routes to Japan and comes in fifth in the number of Asian departures in a week. Currently the Chinese are already one of the biggest groups of passengers that pass through Helsinki Airport, and the number of Chinese nationals visiting the airport increased by 100,000 from 2014.

The airport’s direct routes fly people to 135 destinations around the world. In addition to the extensive connection network, the airport prides itself with one of Europe’s best service quality. Sleek Scandinavian design and services lead to a comfortable travel experience. Helsinki Airport’s Scandinavian style will be highlighted through the renovations. A multitude of services, such as free Wi-Fi, art galleries, and sleeping pods will also be available.

Top quality in design, facilities, and services ensures a pleasant travelling experience for all passengers. Helsinki Airport has a wide range of shops, restaurants, and cafes that make it not just a quick transit hub, but rather a place where each day numerous passengers from around the world can relax and look for facilities and services to pass time in between flights.


The best airport in Northern Europe

Passengers have chosen Helsinki Airport (operated by Finavia) as the best airport in Northern Europe. Short transfer times, friendly staff and world-class services are top-notch when it comes to the well-known Northern hub between Europe and Asia.

Did you know that by the way, in fact, by air miles flying from Asia to Europe or vice versa, via Helsinki is the shortest route between these two continents. We’re always open, and in fact, as the winter is quite long, dark, cold and snowy we have the best snow-how in the world! Regardless of the conditions, we always guarantee smooth travelling.

Our world-class winter maintenance units are on call 24/7 almost year round at Finavia’s network airports. Also, based on Condé Nast Traveler reader votes, Helsinki Airport is one of the world’s top 10 best airports in the world – so there’s a reason to be proud for our international crown jewel! The last time Helsinki Airport was forced to close because of the weather was in 2003 – and only for a half an hour! Yep, we’re that good!

Helsinki Airport is located only about half an hour (10.6 miles) from downtown Helsinki, easy to access by train, bus, taxi or rental car.

We wish you a pleasant journey – or #smoothtravelling as we call it! Warmly welcome to Finland!

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Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport