NBE helps you to get social media visibility!

NBE offers tailored program and experiences for international travel bloggers. The idea is to show the best that Finland has to offer and to spread the word about this wonderful destination around the world to millions of people. It is organised by the MATKA Nordic Travel Fair.

73 bloggers took part in the program in 2017, including 12 Finnish hosts. The bloggers have a massive social media visibility:

More than 2 million monthly readers
1 million Instagram followers
Almost 1 million Twitter followers
1,2 million Facebook followers
150.000 YouTube followers

The NBE is a unique concept even on an international scale. It offers a way to combine digital marketing  and real face to face encounters.

NBE bloggers are active at social media

What will NBE offer to partners?

  • Opportunity to offer unique, unforgettable experiences for bloggers and to benefit from the high level content in different social media channels
  • NBE team will help you to plan co-operation with bloggers
  • Visibility in all the NBE channels including:
    – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
    – Press releases for media
    – NBE web sites (including an article in the blog)
    – NBE invitations
  • Getting to know international social media influencers in travel trade
  • the NBE Facebook goup (closed community)
  • The use of the official NBE photos in social media channels
  • A possibility to use NBE videos an other material by special terms (must be agreed beforehand)

Our tours in 2017

NBE 2017 pre & post tours: Visit Åland, Visit Espoo, Visit Helsinki, Visit Lahti, Visit Turku & Archipelago,  Ruka-Kuusamo, Visit Wild Taiga, Visit Lakeland, Visit Estonia, Visit Vantaa; Visit Oulu, Visit Latvia, Visit Naantali

Feedback from our partner:
”We haven´t done co-operation with bloggers so we thought that this is a good way to start. And the concept is very good and professional.”

NBE is an award winning campaign

The NBE  has won the Finnish Championships of municipal marketing as a cost effective campaign. It has also been triumphed as the Best Promotion/ Event launch at the Evento Awards and rewarded as the forerunner of blog marketing with The Blog Marketing Award.

Want to join us at NBE 2018?

Are you interested to organize a pre or post tour for the participants?
Contact: rea.sandstrom(at)messukeskus.com, tel +358 50 3826 469
Are you interested to be a partner of the NBE2018 campaign?
Contact: nbe(at)messukeskus.com, tel +358 45 6709 563